IEEE-488.2 Interface Low Profile Universal PCI Card

    • IEEE 488.2标准接口
    • 完整的Talker/Listener/Controller
    • 工业标准的32位PCI总线
    • 超过1.5MB/S的数据传输速率
    • 1024字节FIFO缓冲区
    • 高速状态设备总线管理器
    • 7条中断线,共享中断功能
    • 透明中断启用/禁用
    • 包含GPIB库软件
    • 紧凑型MD1尺寸

The PCI-1671UP IEEE-488 interface converts any PCI bus personal computer into an instrumentation control and data acquisition system. Connect up to 14 instruments using standard IEEE-488 cables such as the PCL-10488-2, 2 meter IEEE-488 interface cable. The PCI-1671UP transfers data over the GPIB at rates in excess of 1.5 million bytes per second using the maximum IEEE-488 specification cable length (2 meters times the # of devices). A 1,024-word FIFO buffer and the advanced REP-INSW ISR data transfer method provide the horsepower required to then transfer the data between the GPIB board and the host computer. The high-speed state machine also provides byte-to-word packing and unpacking, and because words carry twice the information that bytes do, packed data requires fewer bus cycles to transfer the same GPIB information.
The PCI-1671UP adheres to ANSI/IEEE Standard 488-1978. Often referred to as the IEEE-488.2 bus, GPIB bus or HP-IB bus, the GPIB (General Purpose Interface Bus) is a standard for instrumentation communication and control for instruments from manufacturers the world over. The GPIB provides handshaking and interface communications over an 8-bit data bus employing 5 control and 3 handshake signals. Equipped with PCI-1671UP, a personal computer can control GPIB instruments, gather data from GPIB test equipment, or become a data acquisition station in a GPIB system.
General I/O Connectors 1 x IEEE 488
standard 24-pin
Operating Temperature 0 ~ 60°C
(32 ~ 158°F)
@ 0-90% RH
Power Consumption Typical: 5
GPIB Max. Connection 15
OS Support Windows®
Transfer Rate 1.5 MB/s